Chicago's Haitian Nurses Have Trouble Getting Flights

A handful of nurses managed to nab a flight Sunday

Last week it was decided that 36 Cook County nurses of Haitian descent could travel on the county’s dime to their country of origin to help with the relief effort.

Now if only they could get a flight.

National Nurses United, the U.S. agency that is coordinating an effort to send 10,000 nurses to the quake-ravaged country, is having trouble finding flights into the country.

One of the Cook County nurses, Marie Noisette, told the Sun-Times that every minute counts.

"I hope we can go soon," she told the paper late Sunday. "The infection level is too much. People are being amputated for no reason."

The Sun-Times reports that a handful of the 36 nurses cleared to go have managed to make it out, but more nurses remain without transport.

Current estimates put the death toll from the Haitian earthquake at 100,000.

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