Illinois Residents Crossing State Line for Lottery Tickets

Illinois residents have been crossing the state line for cheap gas and cigarettes, but now they are heading to the Hoosier state for their lottery tickets as well.

Unlike in Illinois where some winners are getting IOUs, if you win in Indiana, you'll get your payout immediately.

“It’s the only way to be sure to get your money if you win,” Illinois resident Arlene Antonetti said.

Last week, the Illinois Lottery announced that anyone who wins more than $600 will not be able to get their money until there’s a state budget.

“Players who win $600 and below can continue to receive their winnings at any of the Lottery’s 8,000 retail locations statewide,” the lottery said.

Last month, two lottery winners filed a class action lawsuit against the Illinois Lottery for failing to pay prize money.

“The State is not paying prize money to people who won over $25,000, yet the State is continuing to sell Lottery tickets with potential winnings in excess of $25,000,” the lawsuit stated.

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