Chicago Woman Aboard Ship in Israeli Raid

Her mother learned of the attack through TV news reports

Fatima Mohammadi, the Chicago woman aboard the aid flotilla raided by Israeli trooops this weekend outside of Gaza, didn't plan to make the trip.   

Mohammadi, 31, helped organize the flotilla and even gathered medical supplies on board the Mavi Marmara, one of the ships stormed by Israeli commandos as it headed toward the blockaded. Her friend, Kevin Clark of the Free Gaza Movement said her decision to tag along came at the last minute.

Because of her last second decision, Mohammadi, Mohammadi, an attorney and human rights activist, watched commandos kill nine peace workers after they encountered resistance.

Mohammadi is safe, says Renie Schreiber, a press officer with the Israeli Consul General's Office in Chicago.

"She is alive and will be deported in 72 hours," Scheiber said.

That's good news for Teresa Mohammadi, the woman's mother who lives in Boise, Idaho. Mrs. Mohammdi said she learned through television reports that Americans were not among the nine killed in the raid, but the older Mohammadi still hadn't heard from her daughter.

" ... we heard a little bit later from a Twitter from another woman on ship that the women were underneath; that they were gathered underneath, in the bottom of the ship," her mother said during the CNN interview.  

Fatima, who moved to Chicago almost two years ago, currently lives in South Shore.

Mohammadi, her American mother and Persian father moved to the U.S. several months after she was born.

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