Chicago To Pick Xerox As New Red Light Camera Vendor

Chicago may give the green light to a new red light camera vendor. 

City officials have decided to pick Xerox as its new vendor after the company was dropped by Baltimore with the hopes it won't duplicate the problems experienced in that city.

Thousands of Baltimore drivers who weren't speeding reportedly received speeding tickets because of faulty equipment. It resulted in Xerox State & Local Solutions, Inc., losing its contract with Baltimore, but on Tuesday the company was unanimously selected to begin negotiations with Chicago.

If chosen Xerox would replace the city's current vendor, Redflex.

Redflex is wrapped up in a federal bribery investigation following reports about an improper relationship between company executives and the city official who oversaw the $300 million program.

The mayor's office said Xerox was favored in part because of its plan to reuse as much of the city-owned Redflex equipment as possible.

Xerox officials told the Chicago Tribune the problems in Baltimore accounted for less than 1 percent of all the tickets issued there.

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