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Chicago is Fifth Most Bedbug-Infested City: Survey



    Chicago is Fifth Most Bedbug-Infested City: Survey
    A mother bedbug and her child.

    It's the bloodsucking, itchy truth: Chicago ranks fifth in the most bedbug-infested big cities in the country.

    The new report compiled from pest control company Terminix has New York City topping the list of 15 cities, followed by Philadelphia, Detroit and Cincinnati.

    The creepy-crawly critters have become a common problem, with the number of confirmed cases growing every day.

    "We're seeing 10 cases a month out of this office alone," said Larry List, a Terminix employee from Elmhurst.

    Aside from spotting them visually, a tell-tale sign of their presence is blood or black spots near the head or foot of your mattress.

    Experts theorize that an increase in international travel helped spark the bedroom bug, and they suggest a couple of tips for travelers:

    - Don't unpack your clothes and store them in hotel furniture
    - Store your luggage on racks
    - Once back home, vacuum the suitcase and wash the clothes in warm water.

    Bedbugs have been found in even the fanciest places, List said, so paying more for your hotel may not guarantee that it's bedbug-free.

    He recommends inspecting everything when you stay somewhere and contacting a professional if you find something.

    "It's something that's difficult for us to treat and virtually impossible for you to treat yourself," he said.

    The 2010 most bedbug-infested cities include:

    1. New York
    2. Philadelphia
    3. Detroit
    4. Cincinnati
    5. Chicago
    6. Denver
    7. Columbus, Ohio
    8. Dayton, Ohio
    9. Washington, D.C.
    10. Los Angeles
    11. Boston
    12. Indianapolis
    13. Louisville, Ky.
    14. Cleveland
    15. Minneapolis, Minn.