Chicago Teen Burns Up the Internet

He may not know the lyrics, but he can perform

He may not know the lyrics, but this kid sure can perform. 

Keenan Cahill has become YouTube's latest sensation with his rendition of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream."

Kahill has been uploading videos on YouTube singing and dancing to different hits for more than a year. His lip-synching and auto tune covers have earned him local celebrity status. He's been interviewed on WGN and B96 before. But his Katy Perry song put him on a different level.

Less than a week ago, Kahill uploaded a video of himself lip-syncing to the song and thus far has received more than a million hits on YouTube (1,394,233 to be exact). The performance even caught the attention of Katy Perry herself! The artist wrote this on her twitter:

"THIS… is my Teenage Dream," later adding "I heart you @KeenanCahill."

Check out the video! 

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