Chicago Nonprofit InjusticeWatch Digs Into Judicial Candidates

You’re standing in the voting booth, staring down at a long list of people running for judicial positions, and you have no idea which candidates you should vote for.

Now there’s help: InjusticeWatch, a Chicago-based non-partisan, not-for-profit journalism organization, is publishing a series of investigations on local judicial candidates up for election in Illinois’ March 20th primary.

Stories so far include:

• A profile of a Cook County judicial candidate who – as an assistant state’s attorney – “engaged in angry outbursts” towards some of his female supervisors;

• Revelations that another candidate has changed his name completely – possibly in an attempt to appeal to people who tend to vote for Irish and female candidates;

• Two articles on a current Cook County judge who was found to have made false statements in one case he prosecuted (where the conviction was later overturned), and who is accused of “egregious” misconduct in another.

The InjusticeWatch investigations will culminate in a complete voter’s guide, available on the organization’s website in advance of the March primary.

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