Chicago Group Offers Scooter Tours in Lawndale

The tours focus on the area's rich history

Chicago is a city of incredible wonders and hidden gems, and visitors can get a taste of what the area has to offer in a new and unique way.

A group called “My Block, My Hood, My City” has begun offering tours of the city’s North Lawndale neighborhood, but instead of using a bus or a Segway, tour-takers are given electric scooters for the excursion.

The tour highlights the neighborhood’s history as a hotbed during the civil rights movement, as well as other fun locations like restaurants and historical sites.

“I like to show them that our neighborhood is not all bad,” tour guide Marquell Washington said. “There’s a lot of good to our neighborhood. It has a lot to offer our youth.”

Other highlights include art galleries and religious landmarks, including places Dr. Martin Luther King frequently visited while he lived in Chicago.

“We show them the Stone Temple Baptist Church, where King preached while he was here,” Washington said. “(We also see) the apartment where we stayed in Chicago, so I feel that’s very important for our history.”

Tours will be held throughout the summer, and those interested can visit the group’s website for information.

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