Firefighters Save Dogs from House Fire

Patchy and Bella were pulled from burning home on the 600 block of West 117th Place shortly after midnight

Two dogs that were trapped in a house fire on Chicago's south side early Thursday morning should be just fine thanks to the help of quick-thinking and well-equipped paramedics.

First responders were called to a fire at a home on the 600 block of West 117th Place shortly after midnight. The resident was not home at the time but returned home with firefighters already on the scene and informed them of the dogs in the home.

Firefighters rescued the animals from a back room and paramedics quickly administered oxygen.

"It's a great feeling. We treat people all the time but to help animals it's a great feeling, especially that they're turning around for the better," said Chicago Fire Department paramedic Brian O'Keefe.

One of the dogs, a pit bull named Patchy, later wagged his tail and wanted to walk around again. A shih-tzu named Bella was in worse condition but responded well to the oxygen that flowed through a canine mask.

"Life is life, and human life, of course, we do everything to -- we risk a lot to save a lot -- but when it comes to the animals, they had a good save. They had a quick save," said 22nd Battalion Chief Chief Tom Sutkus.

Crews were able to quickly put out the fire but there was no information by 7 a.m. as to a cause.

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