‘That's Pretty Low': Security Camera Captures Christmas Decorations Taken From Chicago Family's Lawn

A Christmas crime caught on camera Tuesday morning shows someone enter a gate and climb over the railing of this home in Humboldt Park.

Suddenly, it’s lights out for Santa as he’s unplugged, tossed over the rail and taken away.

"I took my kid to school the next day when I came home and parked I looked over to my left and was like whoa!" homeowner Jennifer Serrano said. "We have the ADT (security) system and we pulled up the video and we could see the whole thing and it just made me so angry."

Just a few doors down another neighbor’s front yard is bare.

Dariel Carbajal says a thief stole three Christmas inflatables and all of his lights

"I think that’s pretty low you’re supposed to be celebrating Christmas sharing and giving, not taking, especially stealing," said neighbor Hector Arroyo.

"We have these individuals coming out trying to destroy everything we work for, these are little things that make a big difference especially to the children," David Rosario, another neighbor, said.

And 3-year-old Ethan Serrano loved his Santa and fire truck. His dad is a Chicago firefighter. Serrano says the thief did not steal her family’s Christmas spirit she plans to replace the special decoration.

"I’m gonna put a bigger one better one maybe even the same one cause I like my fire truck," she said. "I’m not letting this guy get away with trying to ruin my Christmas."

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