Gang Signs in New City Sticker?

UPDATE: City pulls sticker amid gang controversy

Chicago's city clerk on Tuesday said she would mull over what to do about the upcoming vehicle sticker design that purportedly contains symbolism tied to the Maniac Latin Disciples.

"My office is investigating the facts and will look further into the allegations before I determine what action to take regarding the 2012 – 2013 city sticker design," said Susana Mendoza.

More than 18,000 people voted for the 2012-2013 design, which pays homage to police officers, paramedics and firefighters, and features the Chicago skyline, the city flag and a series of outstretched hands.

But within those outstretched hands are gestures that police sources and police blogs say resemble the hand signs often flashed by Maniac Latin Disciples, along with other iconography, including a heart and pitchforks.

"I am concerned about the recent developments regarding the city vehicle sticker design," Mendoza said in a written statement. "... the artwork on Chicago’s city stickers should not be controversial. In a design that is meant to honor the city’s first responders, I am very sensitive to this issue. I grew up in a neighborhood filled with crime and gang violence and I come from a law enforcement family."

The Chicago Police Department late Tuesday evening said the "matter has been brought to our attention" and is being investigated.

The upcoming design is the first sticker to bear Mayor Rahm Emanuel's name.

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