How to Sell Your Ideas


OK, so this is a tad reductive, but has a nice and incisive post on, whelp, how to sell your ideas. Of course, it assumes you have an idea worth selling, but it's still a good reminder that things in business -- and in life -- aren't quite as daunting or impenetrable as we make them.

Anyway, here's the list you should write on your bathroom mirror to keep you poised, ready and focused to attack each day like it was shark week:

1. Have Prior Credibility

2. Have the 'Next Big Thing'

3. Adapt Your Story to the Listener

4. Make Buying Less Risky

5. Create Momentum

Maybe these are all fairly obvious, but one that's worth paying extra attention to is No. 3. A great idea isn't great if you can't sell it -- so do your homework when pitching it. Make sure you'll have a receptive audience by tailoring your pitch to the sorts of things they care about.

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