Healthcare Tech Remedy to Improve the Future of Medicine

Technology is predicted to change the healthcare world functions

First responders have to work extremely fast, but the emergency care system isn't quite so up to speed, technology officials said at the Chicago Auto Show.

Jonathon Feit, co-founder and chief executive of Beyond Lucid Technologies, spoke on the inefficiency of emergency care and how the system can be improved with technological information sharing at Connected World on Tuesday.

Feit said he found that the way patient information travels from first responders to emergency care at a hospital is mainly conducted through paper documentation in the U.S. A method Feit says is out of date.

A flaw his company also found in the system was the lack of communication from one facility to another, causing unsatisfactory patient service while in treatment.

“Imagine being able to take a picture using a connected device of a patient in the field and their ID or their insurance card and sending that into the hospital within 30 seconds so that before the patient even arrives, the hospital has called up its electronic health record, it knows this person's clinical information, and by the time they are wheeled in their bracelet is ready to go and they are in a bed,” Feit said.

The technology to fill this need already exists, but it is not yet being utilized.

Beyond Lucid Technologies invented MEDIVIEW, a software program, to allow emergency responders to collect and share vital information regarding a patient’s health across the spectrum.

Feit argued Tuesday that this type of software could make waves in the medical industry and hopes to further its implementation.

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