Hey may not be an actual doctor, but Jon "Dr. J." Najarian is surgically precise in the way he's able to break down the market for his many followers.

Najarian is well-known as a contributor on CNBC's "Fast Money," but he and his brother, Pete Najarian, are also the co-founders behind optionMONSTER and Trade Monster.

optionMONSTER focuses on media tools and education behind the stock market, and tradeMONSTER, which is a brokerage for virtually everything you can trade.

Najarian says what makes his company stand out is that his people practice what they preach -- or eat their own cooking.

"All of our writers are traders, so we never just talk about something that we think might be a good idea, we've got skin in the game," Najarian says. "A lot of service walk the walk but they don't talk the talk."

optionMonster offers a variety of free and premium paid services.

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