Bulls to Open 2013-14 Season in Miami on ‘Ring Night’

The Bulls and Heat will face-off on Oct. 29

Bulls Lose Game 5
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If the Chicago Bulls needed or wanted any more motivation to beat the Miami Heat, they'll get it on opening night of the 2013-14 NBA season.

According to a South Florida Sun Sentinel report, the Bulls and Heat will face off in Miami Oct. 29, the very night David Stern will present -- for the last time -- LeBron James and Co. with their NBA Championship rings.

Yes, you read that right. Derrick Rose's official return to the NBA will have him standing on the sidelines watching the Bulls' arch rivals receive their championship hardware.

It would appear that the league is not only selling the return of D. Rose in the most ostentatious way possible, but also getting an early start on building up the disdain these two teams have for one another while playing up the rivalry and adding even more fuel to it in the process.

Well played, Mr. Stern. Well played.

The full 2013-14 NBA schedule is set to be released sometime next week.

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