Reggie Rose Says D. Rose is ‘Ready To Go'

The older brother of the Chicago Bulls superstar gives a status report on D. Rose's progress

Multiple sources have proclaimed Derrick Rose fully recovered and ready to go for the 2013-14 season, including Rose himself. On Tuesday, Reggie Rose also said his younger brother was ready and talked about the amount of work his superstar sibling his been putting in.

"He was getting up at 6:30 every morning and working out with (Bulls assistant strength and conditioning coach) Nick Papendieck," Rose told the Chicago Tribune. "He has a positive attitude. He's ready to go."

Rose took a hit -- and in some instances, is still taking them -- from fans in regard to his decision to sit out the season without ever making a definitive statement on his health or the status of his return. But the elder Rose says the criticism never fazed anyone in their camp.

"I knew he was going to get that backlash," Rose said. "You got Chicago Bulls fans who are going to cheer the team no matter what. Then you have Derrick Rose fans who only want to come to the game when Derrick plays. You'll get the backlash, but I feel once he gets back on the court, all that stuff will stop and they'll be cheering for him.

"Coming from Englewood, if someone says something negative about us or our family, it's like brushing crumbs off our shoulders. It's nothing to us. We made it through Englewood."

As for D. Rose's physical health, Reggie Rose says there are no concerns whatsoever.

"Looking at his body, he's really strong. The only thing he has to work on is cardio and getting in game shape, but that will come (in training camp). I have no concerns about him physically ... He'll come back at the level he was at before and he's going to have a better jump shot when he comes back."

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