D. Rose Begins Promo Tour in Asia

The Chicago Bulls superstar begins his 12-day tour of Asia on Wednesday

DRose Tour
Getty Images

Derrick Rose begins his tour of Asia on Wednesday, nearly a month after his European tour ended. In July, Rose visited seven European countries – Germany, Italy, Serbia, Croatia, England, France and Spain – in an effort to connect with fans overseas, grow the game internationally, and of course, show of his signature sneakers.

It was during his tour of Europe that D. Rose made headlines, including naming himself as the best player in the NBA. That admission sent shockwaves throughout the NBA and basketball communities.

Some supported his stance saying that in such a highly competitive league like the NBA, the fact that he is a superstar and the face of the Bulls franchise, he had a right to feel that way. While others said the 24-year-old was delusional considering he’d missed an entire season and LeBron James had just taken home his fourth MVP award and second straight NBA title.

Rose’s tour of Asia will take him to Japan (Tokyo), the Philippines (Manila), and China (Beijing, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Hong Kong), with his first promotional appearance taking place on Thursday in Tokyo.

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