Chicago Blackhawks Share Touching Mother's Day Message

Hockey players are renowned for being tough guys on the ice, but off the ice they have a soft side, and the Chicago Blackhawks showed that with an awesome video dedicated to the players' moms on Mother's Day. 

The video, starring players like Corey Crawford and Marian Hossa, features pictures of the players and their moms from "Mom's Trips" of yesteryear, and has some great candid moments of the Blackhawks spending time with the women that helped them to achieve their NHL dreams. 

Here is the video: 

While most NHL teams, including the Blackhawks, have hosted "Dad's Weekends" in the past, the Blackhawks have also made it a point to bring their mom's out on the road with them as well. Even broadcasters like Pat Foley have gotten in on the action, bringing their moms along for the incredible ride of an NHL road trip. 

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