Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks Send NBC's Steve Kornacki New Jersey

NBC political reporter Steve Kornacki posted a tweet Friday night thanking the Chicago Blackhawks for sending him a new jersey, adding he "can't wait" to see them on the ice Sunday.

"The best part of Jimmy Fallon ambush-cleaning my office: the @NHLBlackhawks saw that I had one of their jerseys and sent me one of these. Can’t wait to see them debut on the ice on Sunday!" Kornacki said in a tweet.

The Blackhawks responded to the tweet with a gif of player Patrick Kane, saying "Looks great Steve!!"

NBC late night host Jimmy Fallon surprised Kornacki last month on his show by cleaning his office while he was away, which was said to be an "incredibly messy" space.

As Fallon went through the various items in Kornacki's cluttered office, he showed an old Chicago Blackhawks jersey on a rack among other button-down shirts.

The jersey was representing player Jonathan Toews, No. 19 on the ice.

Kornacki made headlines as a data analyst during MSNBC's coverage of the 2020 Presidential Race with his quick number crunching and explanation of nationwide voting.

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