Amtrak Modifies Wednesday Service

Amtrak officials on Wednesday said several trains would not be running as crews continued to deal with the historic low temperatures that gripped the Chicago area this week.

The following Wednesdsay trains were canceled:

  • All Chicago Hub services
  • Lincoln service trains 300, 301, 304 and 305
  • Hiawatha service trains 329, 332, 333, 336, 337 and 340
  • Wolverine service trains 352 and 353
  • Illinois Zephyr train 380
  • Carl Sandburg trains 381 and 382
  • Saluki trains 391 and 392

The schedule changes come after three Amtrak trains headed to Chicago were stranded Monday, stranding passengers for up to 14 hours as the tracks were blocked with snow and ice buildup.

The weather-related problems for Amtrak began Sunday when a Detroit to Chicago train was halted in Western Michigan.

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