Humboldt Park

‘Chance the Snapper' Cost the City More Than $33,000 in Rescue Efforts

The total cost? $33,649.17, according to a statement released by the CACC

The infamous alligator that was the talk of the town for weeks in Chicago, “Chance the Snapper,” cost more than $30,000 to trap and ship to Florida.

The gator, who was first seen in the Humboldt Park Lagoon the morning of July 9, turned out to be a spectacle of sorts after efforts, including placing humane traps around the area, proved unsuccessful.

Illinois Conservation Police and Chicago Animal Care hired alligator expert Frank Robb (also known as “Gator Bob”) from Florida, who ended up capturing the approximately 5-foot-long reptile a week later.

The total cost? $33,649.17, according to a statement released by the CACC.

The statement included numbers broken down, including: Animal Care and Control officers’ overtime cost of $6,140.48; Frank Robb’s total fee including travel and lodging came out to $4,666.34; Department of Streets and Sanitation labor cost of $14,917.35 and $7,925 in equipment to install and remove fencing and barricades.

CACC said the alligator’s flight to Florida was paid for by his new home and neither the Chicago Police Department nor the Chicago Park District required additional costs.

Chance received a check-up several days ago—eyes, feet and rear were inspected. The St. Augustine Alligator Farm said he seemed healthy and was "well fed," awaiting bloodwork to confirm.

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