Cedar Point Unveils Plans for Mind-Boggling Roller Coaster

Cedar Point amusement park has always been known for pushing the envelope, but they’ve outdone themselves with the newest roller coaster that they’ll be welcoming to the park.

That roller coaster, dubbed “Steel Vengeance,” is a record-breaking hybrid steel-wood coaster that will make its debut at the park in 2018.

The coaster will be the world’s tallest hybrid roller coaster, taking riders over 200 feet in the air. Once riders crest the first hill, they will plummet down at nearly 75 miles per hour at a 90 degree angle:

Once riders get past the first drop, they will be treated to four different inversions and the most airtime of any roller coaster in the world, with 27.2 seconds of airtime.

The total length of the roller coaster is over a mile long, clocking in at 5740 feet according to the park’s website. 

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