Cards Against Humanity

‘Cards Against Humanity' Says They're Saving Baseball With New Promotion

The makers of the popular game “Cards Against Humanity” have bought an island, land along the U.S.-Mexico border, and even given thousands of dollars to people in need, but they’re once again raising the bar with their latest endeavor.

According to the company’s website, the game-makers say that they have purchased the naming rights to a baseball stadium in Joliet, calling it “The Cards Against Humanity Baseball Place.” The stadium houses a team called the Slammers, an independent Frontier League team.

The stunt is the latest entry in the company’s “Cards Against Humanity Saves America” series. That promotion saw the company do all sorts of whacky things, including buying land along the U.S.-Mexico border to stop President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall, “redistributing wealth” by giving 100 people $1000, and “destroying homework” by encouraging teachers to find alternatives to assigning homework like going to museums and reading with their families.

According to the Herald-News in Joliet, the name change isn’t real. Team President Nick Semaca says that the naming rights, which have been for sale for 16 months, have not been sold to the company despite their claims.

Even still, the card company did send ticket vouchers to everyone who subscribed to the promotion, allowing them to take in a game at the venue.

The first game at The Cards Against Humanity Baseball Place (or whatever it will be called next year) will take place on May 15 of next year when the Slammers welcome the Evansville Otters to Joliet. 

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