What the El? Cab Costs Drop As CTA Fares Rise

Cab fares dip as CTA boosts ride cost

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For most passenger, paying more for public transportation in this economy is flat out frustrating. 

In 2009, CTA fares will increase 25 cents across the board. A trip on the elevated train will now cost you $2.25 and bus fare will be $2.
With low tax revenues, cost of fuel and the free ride senior program, board members say they had choice but to raise fares.

At the same time, you may find getting a cab could become challenging.   At midnight Friday, the 50-cent gas price surcharge cabbies were charging expired.  Drivers upset by the reduction are demanding a 16 percent pay increase and threatening to strike.

Meanwhile, the CTA has asked a judge to intervene in a contract dispute that threatens to shut down the agency’s Green Line and force the agency to pay $76 million in damages.

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