Do Businesses Need to Give Employees Stress Leave?

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The (hopefully) waning heat wave. Unemployment holding steady at around 9.2 percent, both in Chicago and on the national level. That pesky debt ceiling.

There are plenty of reasons to feel stressed out right now, and you might find yourself wondering if, as a boss, you're legally obligated to give employees three months off for stress leave via the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Andrew Lu of the Chicago Employment Law Blog sets the record straight in explaining that you probably don't need to do so.

"If you work for a small business with less than 50 employees, you're probably not eligible... if you're a newer employee or an employee that doesn't work that many hours a week, you may not be eligible."

To truly qualify, you either need serious health issues like a condition requiring in-patient care or a new baby -- and even then, you need to be a bigger company, which are more suited to handling extended absences from its employees.

Read the full post over at the Chicago Employment Law Blog.

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