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No New Trial for Degorski, Judge Rules



    No New Trial for Degorski, Judge Rules
    The site of the former Brown's Chicken restaurant.

    A judge has turned down the request for a new trial made by the lawyers of a former handyman convicted of killing seven people at a suburban Chicago fast food restaurant.

    Cook County Circuit Judge Vincent Gaughan on Thursday affirmed James Degorski's conviction for the 1993 murders at Brown's Chicken and Pasta restaurant and a sentence of life in prison.

    Degorski's attorney Mark Levitt said he will be filing an appeal.

    A jury convicted the 37-year-old Degorski in October. The same jury recommended Degorski be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Ten jurors had wanted to sentence him to death, but two refused. A death penalty verdict must be unanimous.

    Degorski's high school friend and co-defendant, Juan Luna, was convicted in 2007. He's also serving a life sentence.