Blagojevich Nears Indictment, or Doesn't

Conflicting accounts of governor's legal peril

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich may face imminent indictment by federal officials for his tax woes.

According to CBS's WBBM Newsradio, federal agents believe they have enough evidence of fraud and conspiracy by the governor that they're prepared to arrest Blagojevich. Others are saying that an indictment is not imminent.

The conflicting accounts could be stemming from the fact that a decision to indict the governor is not up to investigating agents, but resides with US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald and the Justice Dept. in Washington, DC. Politics are likely in play.

Blagojevich is under investigation for tax problems with the IRS. The governor insists that he's done nothing wrong and has filed accurate tax returns. His favorability ratings have plummeted during his second term, with nearly two out of three polled Illinois residents viewing their governor unfavorably.

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