Blagojeviches Ordered to Court

After spending nearly an hour in a closed courtroom hearing from jurors, Judge James Zagel has requested that Rod and Rob Blagojevich come to court.

Details are spare because media have been blocked from the courtroom. But the fact that Blagojevich has been summoned and barricades are being placed around the Dirksen Federal Building has many thinking there could be a significant decision.

Earlier jurors signaled they had a question, and Zagel called attorneys to his 25th floor courtroom for a 2:30 pm hearing.

Speculation quickly swirled in the Dirksen Federal  Building that the jury might have reached a decision on some counts, and wanted to know how to proceed with others on which they are deadlocked.  But defense lawyer Sheldon Sorosky says his information suggests that the matter is only a procedural question, and nothing more.

If the jury were to announce that they have only a partial verdict, with a deadlock on numerous counts, the judge traditionally would deliver what is known as an "Allen charge," instructing them to go back to the jury room and try again.

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