Scott Darling Gets Stanley Cup Pride Inked With Epic Tattoo

Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Scott Darling now has his Stanley Cup and Chicago pride in ink, and apparently the tattooed remembrance was a family affair.

Darling got an epic black and white tattoo featuring the Stanley Cup with the Chicago skyline and  “Stanley Cup Champs 2015” written on it.

The tattoo was done by Michael Figueroa at Spider Tattooz in Sycamore.

"As a Blackhawks fan it's pretty unreal," Figueroa said. "Like it's hard to describe because it actually happened."

And the artist wasn't the only one excited about the tattoo. 

"We’ve been tattooing for over 30 years and done a lot of rock bands, football players and such,” said the shop’s owner Spider Kramer. “But to actually have a Stanley Cup champion in here getting tattooed is pretty awesome.”

Figueroa said Darling’s dad also got some commemorative ink at the shop, but his tattoo was a surprise for his family.

"That right there was a huge honor," he said. "I just thought it was really cool that he would want to permanently mark his skin with his son, you know, holding the Stanley Cup."

Kramer said Darling’s father revealed his tattoo in Lemont Monday as his son brought the Cup to his hometown for the first time since the team’s win.

The tattoo recreated a photo of Darling in his jersey holding the Cup in celebration after the exciting victory.

Both tattoos were done by Figueroa and took about four hours to complete.  

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