Blackhawks Playoffs Tickets Slightly Cheaper Than in Years Past

The average ticket price for a game in the Blackhawks-Ducks series is $495.03, according to TiqIQ

Good news for Blackhawks fans with only semi-deep pockets!

The average ticket price in the upcoming Blackhawks vs. Ducks series is a little lower than ticket prices for this series have been in years past when the Hawks played. According to the ticket seller TiqIQ, the average cost for a ticket this year is $495.03.

While nearly $500 may seem a hefty price to pay for a hockey game, it's lower than the prices for Blackhawks series tickets in the last two years. In 2014, when the Hawks played the L.A. Kings, the average cost was a whopping $523.08. In 2013, when Chicago and L.A. matched up again, the average price was $507.09.

Overall, the tickets at the United Center, which are an average of $547.08, cost more than tickets at the Honda Center in Anaheim, which are an average of 435.86,according to TiqIQ.

If a $500 ticket doesn't get you a good enough seat in the arena for Game 1, you can up your offer to $4,000 or more, which TiqIQ says is the highest price listed for the first game in Anaheim. The seat is in section 112, row 1.

Unsurprisingly, as the series progresses ticket prices go up. The average for a Game 1 ticket is $298. 96. By Game 7, the price shoots up to $746.58, TiqIQ reports.

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