Biss Wins Straw Poll of Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates

Democratic State Sen. Daniel Biss won the straw poll conducted after the Women's Forum for the Democratic Candidates this past Saturday. Only the candidates who participated in the forum were part of the poll. It was conducted for two hours online after the event was over.

The totals were:

Biss 46 percent

Pritzker 29 percent

Kennedy 23 percent

Hardiman .7 percent

Biss spokesman Thomas Elliott says "These results show that Democratic primary voters are looking for a middle-class progressive with government experience to lead our state forward, and Daniel Biss is that candidate.

"And while the Democratic establishment would like to coronate an inexperienced billionaire and 'shut down' this competitive primary, we’re taking our case directly to the voters. We’re building a grassroots movement of people across the state who want someone they trust to represent them, not the status quo."

Elliott added that he believes Illinois residents are responding to Biss's message about building a state government that "works for them, not the wealthy and well-connected."

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