“Birther” Blogger Can't Call for Grand Jury, Judge Rules

A McHenry County woman was told Wednesday that she can't call a grand jury to investigate claims that Barack Obama is not Constitutionally eligible to serve as president.

Judge Sharon Prather rejected the petition filed by Sharon Ann Meroni, AKA. Chalice Jackson.

"There is no legal basis for you to do what you're asking to do," Prather told Meroni, who heads up the conversative Patriot's Heart Media Network, according to the Daily Herald.

Meroni who initially filed the request in December alleging widespread voter fraud in Illinois.  She said she was disappointed with Prather's decision and intends to appeal.

Individual citizens cannot call for grand juries.  They're called by prosecutors -- people who have at least passed The bar -- who are trying to convince a sworn jury that there is enough evidence that a crime exists to bring someone to trial.

Even prior to Obama winning the presidency in November of 2008, individuals and groups -- often referred to as "birthers" -- have questioned the president's citizenship.  Many of the claims hinge on Hawaii's release of a notarized copy of Obama's birth certificate instead of the original document, the release of which is barred by state law.

However, Hawaii officials have authenticated the birth certificate and confirmed Obama's citizenship, and courts across the country have thrown out such claims as unfounded and baseless.


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