Bill Murray, Brothers Behind ‘Caddyshack' Restaurant Proposal in Chicago Suburb

A Chicago suburb could eat, drink and "be Murray" next year

A Chicago suburb could eat, drink and "be Murray" next year.

A "Caddyshack"-themed bar and restaurant run by Bill Murray and his five brothers has been proposed for a space in Rosemont, according to the Daily Herald.

Mayor Brad Stephens told the publication the family has a verbal agreement for a location in the Crowne Plaza hotel to open Murray Bros. Caddyshack as early as next summer. They are working on a written lease, the Daily Herald reports.

The brothers -- Bill, Andy, Ed, Brian, Joel and John -- opened the first location of the restaurant in 2001 at World Golf Village in St. Augustine, Florida. 

"Designed to look and feel like a country club gone awry, the restaurant combines the brothers' sense of irreverence with their love of golf," the restaurant is described on its website.

"Lawn mowers, rakes, pails and kegs all have a place in the restaurant and sight gags abound," the site explains.

The Florida menu includes a Chicago-style hot dog and "Ode to Home" Italian beef sandwich.

Andy Murray runs the location and, according to the Daily Herald, initially wanted to open the proposed location of Murray Bros. Caddyshack in MB Financial Park in Rosemont but no spaces were available.

According to the Daily Herald, restaurant blueprints must be submitted to the village for consideration.

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