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Victory Auto Wreckers to Launch Contest for New Commercial

The current commercial has been on Chicago area airwaves for 30 years

For TV watchers across the Chicago area, the Victory Auto Wreckers commercial has been a staple in the local television advertising diet for years -- 30 years to be exact. But the Bensenville business is planning to make some big changes this year, including a new and improved version of the decades-old advertisement.

Kyle Weisner, the owner of Victory Auto Wreckers, says the family-owned business is launching a contest to invite fans to make their version of the now easily recognized commercial to celebrate its 30th anniversary in May, according to the Daily Herald. Entrants will have the option to make a whole new commercial or re-create the classic one.

The advertisement, which was filmed in 1985 but looks even older, features a man attempting to open the door of his car only to find the entire door has been unhinged. He then brings the car to Victory Auto Wreckers, who pay him in $20 bills, which the auto worker fans out before handing the to him.

Victory Auto Wreckers, which is located near O'Hare Airport, has been around even longer than its commercial. Weisner is a third-generation owner of the business, which was founded at the end of World War II, according to the business's website.

The auto business is making other big changes this year, in addition to the new advertisement contest, to modernize and update it, according to the Daily Herald. These changes include paving over the lot where the used cars sit. Weisner said its 10-acre grounds have been known for their muddiness and sloppiness no matter the weather as much as the business is known for its commercial. Paving over the mud will solve that problem.

The business has made other updates in the past to trump the junkyard steroetype, Weisner told the Daily Herald, including getting rid of junkyard dogs as its security system. They now use cameras, like most businesses.

Amid all the changes, however, one thing will remain the same. As they say in the advertisement, "That old car might be worth money." And that fact remains true to this day.

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