Chicago Bears

‘Boom:' Bears Fans Take Chase Daniel's Advice at Kickoff

Chicago Bears quarterback Chase Daniel had a great idea for fans to get the game off to a rocking start on Sunday, and they definitely obliged. 

Daniel, who played in two games for the Bears this season and is backing-up quarterback Mitchell Trubisky on Sunday as the team battles the Philadelphia Eagles, was one of several players who suggested fans yell "BOOM" at the kick-off of the game, and Bears fans delivered: 

During the team’s iconic “Club Dub” videos after wins, Nagy is often seen leading the team in a high-energy celebration, during which he yells “BOOM” to accentuate each point.

If you haven’t seen it, we have you covered:

Daniel, along with teammates like Charles Leno Jr., have embraced the idea of fans doing so during kick-offs.

“Why can’t we do this Bears fans?” he said on social media. “On the opening kickoff as the ball is getting kicked….BOOM!”

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