Authorities Warn Northbrook Residents After Elderly Woman Targeted in ‘Ruse Burglary' Friday

police car siren

Suburban police are warning residents to beware of so-called “ruse burglaries” after an elderly resident was robbed at their home Friday evening.

According to police in suburban Northbrook, two men came to the door of a home in the 2500 block of Joshua Lane at approximately 7 p.m. Friday and knocked on the door. When the resident of the home opened the door, one of the men told her that they needed to check her plumbing and pushed open the door.

One of the men pushed the woman into the house in order to get in, according to authorities. The other individual then brought the woman downstairs. One of the men remained upstairs, police said.

After the men left the home, the woman found that multiple rooms inside the home had been ransacked.

The woman refused medical attention.

The suspects in the case were described as white men, standing around 6-feet-1 inches tall and weighing 220 pounds. Both were wearing hats, black jackets, black pants and masks.

According to police, a similar incident is also under investigation in Northbrook.

Police are advising that residents use discretion when opening their doors to strangers. If a person comes to a resident’s home unexpectedly, residents are advised not to open the door and to call 911 if necessary.

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