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Judge Throws Out Moldy Tweet Suit

Tweet "too vague," and lacked "any context," judge ruled



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    A Chicago woman's tweet last year may have riled up her landlord, but that's about as far as it'll go.

    A judge on Wednesday threw out the lawsuit filed by Horizon Group Management LLC against former tenant Amanda Bonnen.

    "Who said sleeping in a moldy apartment was bad for you? Horizon realty thinks it's okay," Bonnen posted on Twitter last May.

    Two months later, Horizon slapped Bonnen with a lawsuit seeking $50,000 for "severely" damaging their reputation with the tweet that was published "throughout the world."

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    Cook CountyCircuit Court Judge Diane Larsen didn't see it that way and said the message was "too vague" and lacked "any context," according to the McCormick Freedom Project's Post Exchange.

    An attorney for Horizon said after the ruling that he will meet with his client and discuss their legal options.

    Bonnen had only 22 followers before she closed her Twitter account.