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Advice From Business Owners, to Business Owners During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Powered by BizCastHQ, top CEOs, small business owners and industry thought leaders share advice, tips and the latest news for companies navigating life during the coronavirus pandemic in Illinois.

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As the coronavirus pandemic continues to generate more questions than answers, especially for businesses, BizCastHQ has gathered dozens of CEOs, small business owners and industry thought leaders for individual interviews to share advice, tips and solutions in hopes of helping others like them.

Check out a selection of the interviews below. For many more, head to BizCastHQ's YouTube channel.

Alyssa Rapp, CEO of Surgical Solutions and master of The Pivot, answers questions on navigating remote work during the current worldwide crisis and how to best choose between quitting and pivoting. Rapp dives into the reasoning behind when to quit or pivot and further expands into the different challenges faced when shifting gears. She gives us her unique insight on “hacks...

COVID-19: The Unwanted Guest; Hospitality State of Affairs Panel Discussion

The hospitality industry was one of the first — and hardest hit — industries grappling with the coronavirus pandemic. Heavy restrictions, shelter-in-place orders and efforts to minimize the spread of this virus forced most to halt operations for an unforeseen time.

Many hospitality professionals are asking:

  • What do operations look like right now?
  • What strategies exist to weather the COVD-19 storm right now, mid-term and for when the orders are lifted?
  • What technologies are being considered and how will tech help enhance guests’ experience in the new normal?
  • What, if any, is an optimal time to consider enhancements?

Hosting a live discussion with Tim Pickett, CEO at Encompass AV, joined by Steve Lombardo III [President of Gibsons Restaurant Group], Scott Wiener [Founder and Owner of The Fifty 50 Group], Nathaniel Brethold [Director, Hospitality Asset Management at Marquee Development / Hickory Street Capital] and Nabil Moubayed [Area Director of Operations at Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants]

Real Estate and the COVID-19 Implications: Business and Legal Considerations for Tenants As the uncertainties around the impact of coronavirus continue, the workplace remains top of mind for commercial tenants as they look for cost saving in the short term and consider their office space needs in the future. Many are asking about rent abatem ents and if landlords can...
Biju Nair, CEO of tech services company Hyla, Inc., talks about a time when he had to pivot the company to a new business model and how that experience, while difficult in the moment with vocal doubters, charted a successful new path. Nair also talks about creating an essential product that, no matter the economic or political climate, is needed...
Farissa Knox, founder and CEO at RLM Media, talks about her journey as an entrepreneur and some of the challenges she has faced and overcome. Knox discusses a profitable, efficient pivot for the company that ultimately came with difficult layoffs. One of the important messages she shares is to treat each employee as an individual to promote a happy, productive...
Tim Egan, president and chief executive officer at Roseland Community Hospital, talks about running a safety-net hospital, the emotional toll it takes on the staff and the challenges that he faces, overall, leading his team. The organization is constantly at risk of losing funds and having to keep moving the hospital forward with other hospitals closing causing more volume of...
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