‘A Surreal Moment:' 2-Year-Old Suburban Boy Who Nearly Drowned Returns Home

The young boy's mother said he still has a long road to recovery, but they aren't giving up the fight.

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Saturday was the day a suburban Bensenville family had been longing for as a beloved 2-year-old boy returned home for the first time in months.

Young Cameron Taft nearly drowned last October and suffered a severe brain injury. Cameron, who family calls "Cam," spent five months receiving intense medical treatments, with stays in Chicago, New Orleans and Phoenix.

Family, friends and community members gathered in front of the family's home Saturday to celebrate his homecoming. Some young supporters held signs that read, "Welcome Home Super Cam," and "Keep Flying Super Cam!"

"’I'm happy that Cam is with us, it's just a surreal but momentous moment. Just happy that everyone can be all together again," his mother Maureen Taft said.

Cam's parents told NBC 5 they're thankful for the ongoing support and say their baby boy is a fighter.

"He is fighting every day, getting better every day, just showing what he can do, you know, prove everybody wrong," his mother said. "Everybody said he wouldn’t make it, and he’s proven them all wrong."

Loved ones said Cam still has a long road to recovery, but they aren't giving up the fight.

"Where there’s life, there’s hope, you know, there’s just even one little once of life," Maureen Taft said. "There's always hope and he’s proof of this. He’s showing us there’s hope he’s showing every ounce of it."

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