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Wrigley Concerts Return With Same Old Fare

Dave Matthews gets a few extra dates



    Wrigley Concerts Return With Same Old Fare
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    A $300,000 skating rink outside Wrigley Field is set to be built on the corner of Clark and Addison -- and remain open from Dec. 15 to Feb. 28.

    Wrigley Field will once again play host to music this Summer.

    Judging by the slate of performers announced Tuesday, it’ll be the same aging fare as in previous years, the Sun-Times report.

    Elton John, Billy Joel and Dave Matthews will reprise their concerts from last summer last summer, with Matthews getting a few extra dates because Alderman Tom Tunney plans to introduce an exception to a night game ordinance.

    Not everyone is happy about it.

    "There are certainly naysayers," Tunney said. "There have been naysayers about doing any concerts. But the majority of the community thinks the concerts, so long as they're regulated and few and far between, provide benefits to the community.

    That’s what Tunney says, but the naysayers are upset because the concerts are seen as a burden on the neighborhood, because of parking and noise.