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Woman Charged with Swiping $900 K From Work



    Woman Charged with Swiping $900 K From Work
    Aurora Police
    Tammy Brown will be charged this week.

    Admit it. You’ve swiped a few supplies from the office cabinet in your day.

    Post Its. Pens. A notebook. 

    Tammy Brown went a step further. The former vice president of accounting for Engineering Systems Inc. allegedly stole $900,000 from her office, according to the Daily Herald.

    Brown, 51, will be indicted for the crime later this month.

    She is accused of using corporate credit cards to fund a lavish lifestyle and then cooking the books to hide thefts.

    Sometime in 2007 an employee spotted a discrepancy and the company bigs called in a forensic accountant (yeah, they have those). 

    Brown resigned March 18, 2008.

    If convicted she’ll do a boatload of jail time – up to 15 years. But that might not be the worst of it.

    Her former company is suing her for $2.4 million.