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Was "The Onion" Hacked By Syrian Group?

Hacker takes responsibility for pro-Assad postings



    Was "The Onion" Hacked By Syrian Group?
    Representatives from The Onion could not be reached for comment.

    You can't accuse those Syrian hackers of lacking range.

    The Twitter account of satirical news web site The Onion appears to have been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army Monday.

    Several pro-Bashar al-Assad tweets and Facebook postings began appearing on several of The Onion's social media platforms Monday morning using the same lampoonish tone the Chicago-based publication is known for. The posts have since been removed.

    Some observers aren't sure what to believe -- it sounds just like a prank The Onion -- but at least one prominent hacker has reportedly taken responsibility.

    Onion's Actress Tweet "Crossed The Line"

    [CHI] Onion's Actress Tweet "Crossed The Line"
    "We tried to make a clever comment on Twitter," Scott Dikkers, VP of creative development for the Onion, said. "There's a line. Sometimes you don't want to cross the line. The Onion's crossed it many times, I'm sure we'll cross it again. We crossed it this time."
    (Published Monday, Feb. 25, 2013)

    According to Business Insider, hacker Th3 Pr0 confirmed that his Syrian Electronic Army was behind the cyber attack. He says the group targeted The Onion because it published an article "that savages Syria and its current circumstances."

    The same group has taken credit for recent hacks on social media pages for the Associated Press, Britain's The Guardian, and E! Online.

    Attempts to reach The Onion officials were not immediately returned, but the publication eventually responded in the way it knows best -- a satirical article stating that "members of the Syrian Electronic Army confirmed that the organization simply wanted to have a little fun before soon dying at the hands of rebel forces." Another article stated that all passwords had been changed to "OnionMan77."

    But the Syrian Electronic Army responded with screengrabs on its Twitter account, purportedly showing emails from The Onion management to its staff.