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Chicago Stationer Makes Tweeting Tangible

Stationery stores tap into online trends



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    Stationery stores find unique ways of keeping up with online trends.

    These days, it seems like everyone on the planet has some kind of online presence, via LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter (including us, @nbcchicago). Gone are the days of writing letters or sending postcards.

    Now, this isn't going to turn into some old Luddite rant. ("Back in my day, you got arrested for writing on someone's wall!") But just because we have new ways of poking, tweeting, or friending each other doesn't mean we should forget our real-world roots.

    That's where Chandra Greer comes in. She is the owner of a Chicago stationery store called Greer and she's brought the virtual world back down to earth.

    Greer sells paper products, which might seem like a difficult product to sell in our increasingly paperless society. But this particular paper pusher has found a way to keep up with the modern trends, reports the Wall Street Journal.

    Greer's store offers social-network calling cards, printed with old-school letterpress "to facilitate friending, following, liking, fanning, liking, etc." It's high-tech networking with low-tech charm.

    Similarly, a Los Angeles-based company called Knock Knock has created "Paper Tweets," notepads that accommodate handwritten messages of up to 140 characters, according to the WSJ.

    Silly, perhaps, but since the Internet is full of goofiness (and cats) might as well bring some of that fun into the "real" world.

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.