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Tokyo Announces Slogan for 2020 Olympic Games

Tokyo last hosted the Olympic Summer Games in 1964



    Tokyo, the city that shocked Chicago in the first round of voting for the 2016 Olympic Summer Games, today announced its slogan for the 2020 Games: "Discover Tomorrow." 

    The Japanese capitol city was considered a longshot for 2016, but remained in the running after the first ballot as IOC delegates eliminated Chicago on the first vote in Copenhagen in the fall of 2009.  Tokyo was then eliminated in the second vote, as delegates proceeded to choose Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Games.  
    Tokyo almost immediately announced plans to bid again for 2020.  It is one of three candidate cities, along with Madrid, Spain and Istanbul, Turkey. Madrid was also a candidate for 2016.
    "We believe that Tokyo 2020 will be Games in which the Olympic Values add to the life of the Host City and its people," said Tsunekazu Takeda, chief of the Tokyo 2020 bid," and in which those people - and their culture, customs and values - add something to the Olympic Movement."
    "It would begin, as does every visit to us, with our unique hospitality or 'Omotenashi'. It is just one example of the traditional culture - based on Olympic Values of respect, excellence and friendship - that makes Japan so fascinating to visitors."
    Tokyo last hosted the Olympic Summer Games in 1964.

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