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Third WalMart Wins Easy Approval

Labor dispute over Pullman site likely aided the process



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    City Council Approves Pullman Wal-Mart |
    The Chicago City Council approved construction of a Wal-Mart in south side neighborhood Pullman. Offering a $8.75 minimum wage, the store is expected to bring $1 billion and 12,000 jobs to Chicago.

    Chicago's City Counil easily approved a third WalMart to be built in the city.

    Alderman vote 41-4 to approve a retail location in the Chatham neighborhood.

    Unlike the vote on the Pullman WalMart last month no alderman tried to grand stand or lecture on the merits of the business.

    A drawn out battle over wages that preceeded the Pullman WalMart's approval likely aided the process.

    WalMart, who plans to build dozens of stores in the city, released this statement after the vote.

     “Today is another victory for the residents of the South side.  We appreciate the support from the City Council and look forward to delivering job opportunities and affordable grocery options to the Chatham community. ... At the same time, we continue to evaluate additional opportunities across the city to help more Chicagoans save money and live better.”