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Texts to Avoid Parking Tickets



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    The gift for not paying a parking ticket.

    Parking tickets are not your friend.

    Stopparkingtickets.com wants to be...for $9.99.

    The Chicago-based web site has a mission to save residents money by warning them of the evil street sweepers that lurk on side streets, leaving $50 orange tickets in their wake.

    "Rise up and say 'No!' to poorly marked warning signs and outrageously high violation fees!," a message on the site says. "Rise up and say 'Stop Parking Tickets Now!'"

    By subscribing to the service, residents will receive an email and text message warning the day before and on the morning street sweeping is scheduled for their area.

    The city has made more than $119 million in the first 8 month of 2009, according to an analysis by the Chicago Tribune. Residents have gotten 1.8 million tickets for parking and non-moving violations in that same period. Meter violations bring in the most money followed by expired license plates. Street cleaning tickets have actually gone done 17 percent compared to 2008, the Tribune reports.

    Stopparkingtickets.com argues that the city is not following its guidelines to post warning signs on side streets up to 24 hours before cleaning and promises to fill that gap.

    "Since the average Chicagoan who parks on the street pays over $200 in ticket fines per year, we figure we're going to save you at least $190," the creators of the site say. "Pretty sweet"