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Stimulus Money May Help Crappy Situation

Town wants to fix sewage system



    Stimulus Money May Help Crappy Situation
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    Federal stimulus money could help a tiny town outside Chicago in a crappy situation.

    The economy is in the toilet. Crappy. Stinks.

    Particularly for the good citizens of Carbon Hill, a century-old little town about 50 miles southwest of Chicago.

    For years, the stench of toilet water has flowed into open ditches during heavy rains in Carbon Hill,  where septic tanks are insufficient.
    Enter $4 billion in federal stimulus money for sewage projects and things could be looking up for the 400 residents of this community.

    Carbon Hill wants a modest $3 million to lay underground pipes to safely carry sewage.

    But there's some competition for those dollars. About 750 projects worth more than $3 billion are vying for Illinois' $180 million in stimulus funds.

    That stinks.