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Some Schools Begin New Year-Round Schedule

Shorter summers, but longer spring and holiday breaks



    Some Schools Begin New Year-Round Schedule
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    Hey kids, did you enjoy your summer break? For many of you it'll be the last of its kind.

    Chicago kids' summer vacations will be cut considerably shorter as 63 CPS schools begin "year-round" classes on Monday, reports the Sun-Times.

    Did you hear that? It's the collective groan of youth across the city.

    For many students though, the change is actually a bit of relief. After three months of summer activities, most young scholars have difficulty remembering everything they've learned, and teachers have to spend several days—if not weeks—reviewing old material.

    "I think we will spend less time reviewing and more time learning new things," 15-year-old Bria Watsontold the Sun-Times.

    Kids won't lose their break time entirely, either. It'll just be a bit more spread out, allowing them to relax and recharge every few months. For example, Morgan Park High School offers a two-week break in September, an extra week off in December, and an extra week off during spring break.

    Don't we wish our work schedules were like that?

    Studies have also suggested that a year-round schedule improves test scores.

    So fret not, kids. Your shorter break could mean a higher paycheck in the future.

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.