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Snitch on Bad Guys at the Library

Hybrid police stations could be the future



    Snitch on Bad Guys at the Library
    Patrons use computers to surf the web in Philadelphia Public Library.

    Some Chicago residents can now take a bite out of crime while checking out books.

    In an effort to inspire more community participation in crime fighting Chicago launched a pilot program on the Southwest Side allows residents to fill out police reports at the library,  the Sun-Times reports.

    It can be less of a hassle than more traditional ways of doing it.

    “It’s also a less intimidating experience,” library spokesperson Ruth Lednicer said.

    The first satellite office opened at the Chicago Public Library’s Clearing Branch at 6423 W. 63rd Place.

    Residents can talk to police officers, find out about community policing events and provide information about crimes. But don't worry, there's no lock up near the books. The library police station hybrid is strictly for paperwork.

    More library-police station hybrids could pop-up around the city if the program proves successful.