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Dugan Jury Deliberates Killer's Fate

Jury will be sequestered if there's no decision Tuesday evening



    Dugan Jury Deliberates Killer's Fate
    Brian Dugan is eligible for the death penalty.

    Brian Dugan deserves to die.

    That’s the message prosecutors left with jurors after delivering their closing statements in the sentencing hearing of the convicted killer and rapist who is being sentenced for killing Jeanine Nicarico, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    "We are asking you to do what you said you would do if you felt death was appropriate," Assistant State's Attorney Michael Wolfe said during his statements. "This is justice, and this is what we are asking for."

    Dugan, 53, is already serving two life sentences for killing 7-year-old Melissa Ackerman and Donna Schnorr, 27.

    Wolfe told jurors that Dugan “ made choices, decisions, and he satisfied his desires," Wolfe said. He then put a finger in Dugan's face and said, "She got you, Dugan," the Tribune reports.

    Defense attorneys counter that Dugan is mentally disturbed, and that he at displayed moral integrity by telling prosecutors in a separate case that he had killed Jeanine Nicarico.

    The jury will begin deliberating this afternoon. The judge has said that he will sequester them for the night if they don’t make a decision. They’ll be back in court Wednesday despite the federal holiday.